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This indie dance track pulses and swells with monstrous synthesizers and crazy unique samples. Luke Anderson's incredible precision is displayed in the opening drum roll. It also features the vocalist Linnea Mohn and stands out as a feature track on the album. There is also a music video.


Escape from the city in a skin of armor
You were just so pretty that wish I'd seen it sooner
Why don't you just stay?
Ride it out in style and calm the panic
You knew it all along that the tiniest touch was electrostatic
Why don't you just stay?

I'll take you in

Take it easy baby, shake it harder than ever
You're dancin' on your back to avoid the attack of a deeper flutter
Why don't you just stay?
The walls are waiting but the house stays empty
You count to five in a series of sighs to up the anty
Why don't you just stay?

You take it out of me


from Lavarocks, released April 16, 2009
Written by The Alpha Centauri



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The Alpha Centauri Minneapolis

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